Quote - Inspection fees
Cost: Price changes effective 1st July 2016 - see below
$49.50 (inc GST) per unit or per camera and lens combination.
An additional piece of equipment is $22.00 (inc GST)
Second body lens combination is an additional $49.50 (inc GST)
All inspections are carried out by a technician.
Any repair under $140.00 (inc gst) will not be quoted.

Camera Clinic inspection fee price changes effective 1st July 2016


Camera Clinic’s inspection fee of $49.50 will still remain the same to inspect

One piece of equipment


Body lens combination


Two pieces of equipment



The difference now will be if one of the quoted items is refused and one accepted

1/2 the cost of the inspection fee will go towards the refused item

Any additional item is $24.75