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CCD CLEANINGCCD - Sensor cleaning


Cleaning the low pass filter on digital SLR units


Unavoidably, dust will migrate to the imager filter surface via the many air currents flowing through the camera and lens. The dust is vacuumed in during the release of the shutter and particularly when zooming the lens. Dust is most visible when you use a small aperture and/or light backgrounds. Editing software is time intensive.




Seeing spots on your images?

Microscopic dust particles on the imager surface/low pass filter. 
The low pass filter is located behind the shutter unit.
If you can see dust in the view finder of the camera this will not come out on your images.

          Mirror box                             Filter behind the shutter


Unfortunately dust can return after cleaning depending on the environment you are shooting in. Most dust particles are vacuumed in through the lens. 



How Camera Clinic cleans the filter


A before-clean image is taken.  This is stored on our computer image server

Using compressed air we clean the mirror box/shutter area


During this cleaning process the filter is inspected using a specialised magnified viewing loop  Another image is also taken during this process to view via the P.C


Wet swab the filter surface using an isopropyl based solution, after every swab another inspection is carried out
When the imager is finally cleaned the last image is taken and saved as an after-clean reference
All images are taken at the highest resolution and lowest ISO setting
We will advise you if there are any un-removable marks/dust particles on your filter or dust in your view finder

Standard frame 

Includes 1 free lens external clean & focus test


$  77.00

Full frame       

Includes 1 free lens external clean & focus test


$  99.00

Compact.  Cost depends on the make and the model.


$132.00 to $220.00

Pro backs.  Cost depends on the make and the model


$132.00 to $180.00
Extra lenses      $  44.00



Camera Clinic proudly support Nikon Professional Service (NPS)


NPS customers will receive a free clean while they wait. This is not a full clean just a wet swab of the filter.


Turn around time


Camera Clinic carry out their sensor cleans first thing in the morning. If you get the camera in to us before 9:30 am we can have it done that same morning. If you want to wait for the clean to be done allow about 45 min to an hour. Our reception staff can point you in the direction of a yummy cafe in the area or you are more than welcome to utilise our waiting room and we can provide you with a tea or coffee. Once the clean is completed you will received a SMS.


Cleans are preformed within 1 to 24 hours.


Interstate and Country customers can pre-book their cleans to be done in a few hours.


Phone 03 9419 5247 for a booking. 


Booked in 8:00 am to 9:30 am ready that morning.


After 9:30 am ready the next day.


Compact camera cleans - General turn around 3 working days.


Under the filter cleans


Unfortunately dust can get under filter surface during normal use or when incorrectly cleaning the CCD. To remove dust under the filter is a very time intensive clean 


The low pass filter has to be removed, if there is a vibration cleaning function in the camera it needs to be disconnected to remove the filter


The Imager is cleaned in a dust free enclosure. This procedure will take several hours
After each swab the Imager is inspected to assure the dust has been removed
After the dust has been removed the filter is re-fitted and the vibration cleaning unit re-connected
When the imager is finally cleaned the last image is taken and saved as an after-clean reference 


Turn around time 

Can be a week to 10 business days



              Cleaning booth                          Sensor and low pass filter



Extra attention to your equipment while we are cleaning


Your camera will also receive a free firmware up-grade to the latest firmware that we have available. The lens that is attached to the camera will receive a free blow out, external clean and focus test. All extra lenses $44.00 (Inc gst).


Focal test


During in the testing process if we find your camera or lens have any focal issues we will report on the findings and you can choose if you want to take the unit as is or leave it to have it repaired or a quote carried out on it


Un-removable marks/dust particles


After your filter is cleaned we will advise you if there were any un-removable marks/dust particles. To remove these marks can be costly. The filter has to be removed to clean or a replacement filter may be required.  


Damaged/marked filter


To replace the filter in a Digital SLR is a very costly repair. Many filters are available separately however there are some cameras that the filters only come as part of the imager.